Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since my last post. And a pretty crap effort that one, as well. I've been busy getting ready for the KOTESOL International Conference, which is mere weeks away, and I'm woefully unprepared for.

I've also been getting the new semester going at work. We've been down two teachers, out of four. So, I've been taking up some of the slack. One of the teachers has arrived, so I've been training him this week. His wife arrives next week, so after I train her up, things should be smooth sailing for the last few months of my contract. That's right, after how many years of saying I was ready for a change, I have given notice, asked for letters of recommendation, and started looking for a new job in earnest.

To that end, I have sent off my criminal background info, which my mother is once again being kind enough to help me get apostilled. I have also procured a Korean criminal background check. Ten years in Korea, and not a single felony. I must be an anomaly among foreign teachers. Oh, wait, it's the Chinese-Koreans that make up the vast majority of foreign criminals. But I digress, the visit to Bundang CSI was awesome.

There is a huge sign, in English, going down the wall, announcing that they are the CSI office. I've seen all three CSI series, so I was expecting large, oddly-lit rooms with super-cool, ultra-high tech machinery. Haha. It had three cubicles, and the only "crime solving equipment" was the ink pad and roller, which the guy had search to find. But he found it, and printed up an English form, cutting into his lunch hour no less, so I have nothing but kind words for the Bundang CSI. :-)

In my extended blogging break, I also went to Mokpo with Staf. I've got some pictures, but I haven't even gone through them yet. Eventually... This is one he took on the ferry that goes around the 1004 islands off the coast there.

I also finished a Leisl sweater for the ultra-talented Ysolda Teague, but I haven't even photographed it yet. I'll see if I can get Staf to take some photos next time he's here.

That's about it. I've been crazy busy, but not with anything particularly blog-worthy. That, and Staf comes by the blog every now and again, so I shouldn't talk about him. :-D