Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Reason Not to Use Make Up Testers

While at COEX grading papers and stocking up on The Face Shop's cheap toiletries today, I witnessed one of the grosser events that I have seen in recent memory. While a young mother was putting every single lipstick on her mouth, her son repeatedly sneezed all over the testers. I mean, all over. I guess she figured she lived in the house with him, so she was already exposed. Or mothers don't mind their kid's bodily fluids. Or she's a Korean mom and, therefore, oblivous to her child's actions.
At any rate, I will no longer even be putting testers on the back of my hand-- I *do* mind kid's bodily fluids.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

When Matter Meets Anti-Matter (or not)

Last night, both guests (Stafford and a comedian) backed out at the last minute. Okay, the comedian had been admitted to the hospital... Stafford's excuse I don't remember. Joe knew how sad I was to have missed the chance to meet Evil Jennifer, so he surprised me by having her on. A good time was had by all. Or by me, anyway. You'll have to listen yourself to this week's episode-- due out Saturday. I know, I know, that's three days away. Try to hold your horses. :-)


Getting back to work has been fine-ish. The days still seem much longer than they should. I've got a good bunch of kids and the new teacher is actually a teacher, so she has not had any problems so far. Even better, her college roommate may be coming to work with us from next month, so I won't have to force myself to be sociable.


Last week, I missed out on discussing this topic on the podcast, but I revisited it this week. Now all I need is a T-shirt with this on it:

Friday, September 12, 2008

Home Again Home Again Jiggety-Jig

Well, I made it through the rest of my visit without any more hurricanes.

I decided to pony up another $130 (it was already the most expensive coach ticket ever, so why not?) for the extra 5" of leg room. I know, if anyone doesn't need extra leg room, it's me, but I figured not too many families would pay that for their kids, and I was right! I had a window seat and no one next to me for the entire flight (three planes)-- money well spent.

I missed getting my cat out of jail last night by about ten minutes, so I was there at opening this morning to spring him. He was totally freaked out and jumped out of my arms on the way home and hid in the bushes. I finally had to pull him out by the leash (he has the kind that wraps around his chest-- I wasn't going to choke him, so don't send me nasty emails.)

Now I've got to try to get my cable hooked up today or (gasp!) I won't have TV for the long weekend. For the past four years I've gotten free cable, but my apartment has discontinued that service. I imagine that has something to do with the ajumas that put together a petition to lower our monthly bills, which are already pretty low. Thanks for saving me that $3, ladies.
ETA- Reason Korea is great #33: I called the cable company at 12:00 and the cable guy just left (5:15).

I guess I should unpack. Or take a nap and then unpack... I just hope I didn't miss this while I was gone:
(Thanks to Brian for the head's up and the link to I lobe Konglish.)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It Wouldn't Be Home Without a Hurricane

Gustav has now pretty much come and gone with little damage to my family members and their homes but now I'm stuck in Tampa, because the airport will still be closed when I was supposed to fly back to NO. I rescheduled the flight and was happy to get on one, but my sister is pissed because the traffic's going to be bad. She wanted me to reschedule it for Saturday-- the day of the opening game between the Saints and... Tampa. Whatever. I guess it wouldn't be a trip home if she wasn't pissed off at me about something...