Monday, January 04, 2010

Leading and Retreating

Once again, it's been ages since I posted, and I've got no real reason. I just got back from the KOTESOL annual Leadership Retreat, which was much more useful this year than in years past. I had my first council meeting as secretary, and don't think I missed too much. :-) We'll see when I send copies of the minutes around...

It's been snowing all day, so it took me three and a half hours (standing) on the bus instead of the usual thirty minutes. Sigh. There were men manually shoveling snow on the highway. So, we would drive a meter or two and stop and wait. I got there in the end, though.

On the PBMX front, he has decided that Korea was a great place to live and work and doesn't understand why I won't help him get a job. He still hasn't done anything about the divorce. So, I think I'm just going to have to redo the paperwork and file myself.

I guess the only other thing on the burner is ThaiTESOL's annual conference at the end of the month. I'm always so busy at the conference here that I rarely get to see many presentations, so I'd kind of like to go to another conference. The fact that it's in sunny Thailand is a bonus. We'll see if I can get organized and arrange tickets and hotel...

So, all caught up on the past month or so of my life in just a few hundred words. Sad, isn't it?