Sunday, February 04, 2007

Women often use blogs for trifling purposes

I have started taking Korean classes. I know, after living here for the better part of seven years, it may seem like I am rushing things by jumping right in to language classes, but I'm a go-getter.

I'm one of those people who cannot use the dictionary efficiently. You know the kind, we go to look up one word and ten minutes later we have forgotten what we were looking for but have learned ten or twenty new words. So, in the course of doing my homework today, I learned two things completely unrelated to said homework.

First, women often use the telephone for trifling purposes. You need only look up the verb for dial, if you doubt me. Personally, I think using the phone for trifling purposes is an affliction equally striking both genders. Maybe that's just my unbridled hatred of telephones coming through. More interestingly (and less chauvinistically, if that's a word), due to different Chinese characters with the same pronunciation in Korean, "sacred teachings" and "sexual intercourse" are the same word. (Insert priest joke of your choice here.) You know, I think I would have enjoyed catechism class WAY more with double entendres like this. Well, maybe if there were a lot of double entendres like this. ;-)

Because many Korean words are based on Chinese characters, I am always catching my students out for not double checking their translations. My personal favorite was when students had to list the colors of the rainbow and about half of the students came up with:

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the veggie paparazzo said...

Sodomy--my favorite color, for sure. That is so funny.