Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mad (Cape) Cod

mad (cape) cod
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Finally finished. I held it under my desk and knit the final cuff while my students did their sustained silent reading today (about fifteen minutes). I'm pretty sure I'll frog them and reknit them with five repeats on the foot (serves me right after I left the gauge out of the pattern) and change it to a heel flap.

I prefer heel flaps, but short row heels are easier and the pattern was supposed to be suitable for a first-time sock knitter.

I do really like how the colors work together. There is fawn in the Cape Cod, but the solid stripes prevent the pooling that drives me mad.

Now I have to see if I made the cut. When they last posted, there were only four slots left in my division.

The original Mad Cows were knit in Filitura Cervinia color 012 (black, white, and gray variegated) and some random black yarn (I knit them on vacation and didn't save the ball band), both 100% merino.


Julie said...

I was going to use Cape Cod & navy, but couldn't really see the stripes, so switched yarns. I'm knitting on size 0's, and not only did I add stitches, but I also added rounds -- 7 repeats on the foot, and 6 on the leg. Not surprisingly, I'm not quite done, and my division (Stephanie's) is closed.
Just checked - you're in the same division! And you made it. Good job!

Victoria said...

the earthy colors look great!

Jen said...

Thanks! I'm kind of torn, though-- would it have been better to just have knit it up right and not made it through... Now I've got to knit this pattern a third time (since I like the way they turned out), talk about SSS.

Melanie said...

Hi Jen,
I was just wondering..and forgive me if you have this posted somewhere and I missed it...what yarn's did you use for your original mad cows? I absolutely love them and I need a pair of my own. =)
Black sock yarn I know I can find..but I was wondering what the black/white combo was.
Thanks for an awesome pattern! It was a lot of fun to knit!

CC said...

I really enjoyed knitting your pattern during round one of SockMadness. I didn't make the cut but still am glad I joined.

I managed to avoid the extra band of solid at the front of the ankle to keep the spacing of the rest of the bands. I'll try and get a better picture up on my blog.

Thanks for such a fun pattern.

Jan-Knit said...

Look at you go!!!