Thursday, May 03, 2007

How exactly would you describe the moisture?

Kooky Korean product translation of the day. Despite the name, it's toilet paper for women (or men) with sensitive tushies. And really, what man wouldn't like something that's "vagina wet"? Why the product sexism?


Sereknitty said...

My guess is because it sells. I've seen a number of products here in the US that have made me shake my head.... but they sell.
I'm hoping your situation continues to settle out for you. I was very relieved to hear that your Ex was indeed gone this time.

Anonymous said...

Well, for one I hope that you return home to the US of A so that we (I and M) can come down to the bayou and visit with you.

A (pm)

Jan-Knit said...

You may have already seen the website: They have many fine examples of interestingly translated products.