Sunday, December 16, 2007

Answer: Pfffffff-fff-ffff-fffffff-fft

Question: What sound do you not want to hear in an elevator?

You know, whenever my students tell me they go to etiquette hagwon, I always have a sarcastic chuckle to myself:
  • Lesson 1- Sidewalk spitting
  • Lesson 2- Properly blocking both subway doors when not actually exiting
  • Lesson 3- Advanced elbowing
  • Lesson 4- Supermarket bumper carts

I always assume that there is a limit to what Westerners consider rude, but Koreans consider normal. That line gets pushed farther back the longer I am here, but I always assume it's there, lurking in the shadows somewhere.

However, I got on the elevator the other day and what did I here? Not Jingle Bells! As soon as the doors closed, this guy, who had quietly (fart-lessly) been waiting at the elevator, let one rip that lasted several floors. It was all I could to not to turn around to see if he was leaning into it for added leverage.

Did he think I wouldn't know what was happening because he was behind me?

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JRS said...

Oh, that is nasty!

I would add:
"blowing one's nose with no tissue by putting a finger over one nostril and blowing hard out of the other--in public, of course"
"standing as close to me as possible on the otherwise empty Jamwon Station platform, taking out one's willy, and then masturbating"
to your list!