Thursday, February 07, 2008


Or, in English, "Happy New Year!" (basically)

The traditional soup to eat on New Year's Day is Rice Cake Soup, which helps you become a year older (since everyone gets older on New Year's Day, don't you know). However, Rice Cake Soup is somewhat lacking in delicious-ness, if you know what I mean. If you've ever eaten homemade play-doh, you DO know what I mean-- just imagine it in boiling water. Yum! So, this year, try this Chinese version of a Korean favorite instead:
Mmmm... that's right. In just three minutes you can have a nice steaming bowl of dog ramyeon. Don't you just wish there were a Chinese grocer near you?


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes I do ...
(Chinese grocery question)


Cajun are the swamp people ... and thier food.

Creole is the cityfied french/local food of the cresentcity.

Being from "Red Stick" you are neither Cher ...

Besides ... Cajun is be Canadians ...

Andre "Rew Voodoo" Barton (a french / cajun name BTW)

Jen said...

Hey! How have you been?

You're no Cajun-- you're still in Canada! That might count to y'all, but since when did Canadians opinions matter to Americans? ;-)

We usually use Creole to refer to any non-Cajun Frogs in La. (as well as their food and dialects), such as those who decamped France during the Revolution or came from other French colonies.

Generally speaking, Cajuns were traditionally rural and Creoles were urban, but now they live all over...