Thursday, April 17, 2008

May the third time be the charm

Well, after a mighty push of two consecutive weeks of working, Mr. Please-Be-My-X showed up at my door at 1AM Monday morning. He rang the bell for two hours before I clued in that I could disable it by taking if off the hook. (Hey, I've only lived here nine years, how could I be expected to know that.) It was a testament to a) his bull-headedness and b) Koreans' unwillingness to complain about noise. We used to have a wife beater next door that would have been in prime fight mode at that time. For the first time, I wished they hadn't moved. HE would have complained.

Anyway, he showed up at my school the next day looking like he'd spent the last year doing meth. My co-workers didn't even recognize him. He's lost about 75 pounds or more-- he's pretty scrawny now and shakes like Muhammad Ali. He gave me his usual story about things "not working out." I gave him some money and, what else, bought him another plane ticket home. (Yep, that's three.)

I heard from my sister-in-law that he actually made the flight. So, I will be sleeping easier tonight. To be honest, it was worth the cost of a plane ticket to know he's out of the country and won't be showing up in the middle of the night. I had been waiting for that visit since he arrived in country three weeks ago.
Other than that, things are rolling along as usual. I'm studying for my class, but not as much as I should be. It's interesting, but not as practical as I would have liked.

We recorded the fourth episode of the podcast last night. Five hours. The guest host was the Metropolitician aka FeetmanSeoul, co-host of Bomb English . He does a couple of other podcasts, too, as well as being a columnist for Ex-Pat Living in the Korea Herald, etc etc, you get the idea. He and Joe can conversate in a big way. Fortunately for me, he's a very knowledgable and interesting guy. We recorded from 10PM to 3AM. I'm glad that Joe is all into the editing and tech side. Actually, I've been slacking on that, too. He does the website, the editing, the posting, and up to record. I can live with it if he can. ;-)

That's about it. My life these days is pretty much work, study, sleep. And yet, I'm not studying enough. I've got some long chapter books for school that have been taking my time (for the next two weeks, I'll be covering The Hobbit-- in four lessons). That, and I watched every episode of Firefly last weekend.


aes8 said...

Love the podcasts. It like training for my next career if I ever get tired of my current one.
Sorry to hear about the midnight visitor.

Anonymous said...

Firefly is my favorite show.
Would you have guessed?

Favorite quotes:

We are not gonna die. You know why? Because we are so...very...pretty.

Oh my god! What can it be? We're all doomed! Who's FLYING this thing?! [deadpan.] Oh right, that would be me. Uh, back to work.

It would be humiliating, having to lie there while the better man refuses to spill your blood. Mercy is the mark of a great man.

Guess I'm just a good man.

Well, I'm all right.

[singing] "The hero of Canton, the man they call 'me'." [speaking] Eggs! The living legend needs eggs!

It's my estimation that every man ever got a statue made of him was one kind of sumbitch or another. Ain't about you, Jayne. It's about what they need.

And my favorite:

I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you