Thursday, July 03, 2008

Castus Interuptus

There will be no new podcast this week, but not for lack of trying. Last night, we talked to Annalog for exactly two hours and twenty-five minutes before Joe realized that the record button had not actually engaged when he had clicked it. In his defense, I hadn't noticed either-- there is a voice prompt and a warning from Skype that the call is being recorded, neither of which occurred last night.
Since it was already well past my bedtime, we decided not to have a new episode this week and to have her come back in September.
I received my grade for the only project that I had to do for the CALL class I was taking-- not what I was expecting. I'm pretty pissed, because I put a lot of effort into it and the comments are kind of nit-picky. Now I can only hope that my online participation grade will boost my overall grade. I put so much work into this class-- way more than I would have if it were a traditional classroom setting, so getting this grade has put me in a crappy mood.
I had heard ages ago that this particular instructor is a hard ass, so I'm going to go with that, rather than think my research/ writing is sub-par. ;-)
My SAT classes are going well. The kids are pretty good, behavior-wise, considering that most of them live in the US and that this is their vacation. They spend four hours a day getting filled with exam-y goodness and then go home to do about six hours of homework, five days a week. I can honestly say that I would not have given it my all had I been put in their shoes.
I've only got six more working days with 11 classes(MWF I *only* have 8 per day). Yea! At the end of the month, my regular classes will finish for the month and then I'll only have SAT classes. Then, when those finish, it's off to sunny LA (Louisiana, that is) for almost a month.

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Bryan said...

Interesting - I had the exact same reaction to my CALL evaluation marks. My grade was lower than I expected and the comments didn't even touch upon the content of the evaluation, just little things like "this should be italicised" or "Use a larger font here".