Friday, September 12, 2008

Home Again Home Again Jiggety-Jig

Well, I made it through the rest of my visit without any more hurricanes.

I decided to pony up another $130 (it was already the most expensive coach ticket ever, so why not?) for the extra 5" of leg room. I know, if anyone doesn't need extra leg room, it's me, but I figured not too many families would pay that for their kids, and I was right! I had a window seat and no one next to me for the entire flight (three planes)-- money well spent.

I missed getting my cat out of jail last night by about ten minutes, so I was there at opening this morning to spring him. He was totally freaked out and jumped out of my arms on the way home and hid in the bushes. I finally had to pull him out by the leash (he has the kind that wraps around his chest-- I wasn't going to choke him, so don't send me nasty emails.)

Now I've got to try to get my cable hooked up today or (gasp!) I won't have TV for the long weekend. For the past four years I've gotten free cable, but my apartment has discontinued that service. I imagine that has something to do with the ajumas that put together a petition to lower our monthly bills, which are already pretty low. Thanks for saving me that $3, ladies.
ETA- Reason Korea is great #33: I called the cable company at 12:00 and the cable guy just left (5:15).

I guess I should unpack. Or take a nap and then unpack... I just hope I didn't miss this while I was gone:
(Thanks to Brian for the head's up and the link to I lobe Konglish.)

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