Saturday, November 28, 2009

Everything but the Bathroom Sink

Once again, another month has zoomed by. As I begin my last (!) month at school, I've been stressing about finding a new place to live, as well as rethinking my decision to have two month holiday between jobs, since I'll be broke by the time I next get paid.

Anyway, after a short, but stress-filled search for an apartment, I found a place that is the right mix of close to school, cheap, and big-enough-for-all-my-crap. It wasn't easy, especially since my new school is near a couple of unis, so most of the cheap accommodation is the size of a closet. I found a place that is walking distance to school, in a house (so I don't have to worry about loud college students), and big enough for all my crap.

I went to view it before school one morning, so I made the most of the trip to "the city" by having other viewings directly after. So, it was a bit of a whirlwind tour. As soon as I saw it, I wanted it. It looks like a five-year-old added it on the rest of the house. Since I was in a rush when I saw it, I didn't look closely for things like power outlets. I confirmed that each room had them when I called to say I wanted the place. I had had two places snatched out from under me, so I didn't want to waste any time getting this one. The landlord assured me there were outlets in any room.
Which there are. They all look like a college dorm-- every room has extension cords which have the overhead lights plugged into them.

I tried to post photos about a dozen times, but Blogger is being a bit If you're my FB friend, you can see them there, in all their glory.

Things have been pretty busy here over the last little while. Since the summer, I've been working on the International Conference. It finally happened last month. I was elected secretary of the National Council, so now I'm getting a handle on that. It's a bit more involved than the "take minutes at the council meetings" job description I was given. Sigh. It's only one year. And I've got a much easier job at next year's conference. Who knows, I may even get to see a presentation or two...

Before getting the apartment today, I went to my orientation at my new job, which starts in March. I'm pretty excited about it. Ill be teaching fourth grade at a bilingual immersion elementary school. Now if I can just get my current director to extend my contract for my two-month vacation, I won't have to go to Japan. She gets back next week. I've been there for over six years, so I'm hoping she'll do a favor for me.

Stafford starts his new job on Wednesday, after going to Japan on Monday and Tuesday. He'll be moving next weekend, since the school didn't really plan for him to have the apartment until he started work. Nice. His new job is in Bucheon, so he'll be about an hour away from me-- ironically now that I live in Seoul, we'll be further apart.

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