Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nothing Says "I want my kid to succeed" quite like this

I've got a few posts I've been sitting on, mostly because I haven't uploaded the photos from my camera, but here is a quickie, thanks to my phone camera.

My students had to bring plants in a plastic bottle planter for their Korean science class. Most of the kids brought water bottles or soda bottles, but one kid (whose name was not on the bottle) brought this:

That's right, a two-liter soju bottle. Hehehe. If it were for my child, I might just go out and buy a bottle of soda (or water), so it wouldn't look like the only two-liter bottles lying around my house were ones which previously contained grain alcohol. If my frugal nature prevented such an extravagent waste of a dollar, I would at least have removed the soju label to pass it off as a cider bottle. But that's just me.


jaykay said...

OMG ... I didn't know Soju came in bottles that big! We only have the dinky ones here ... what, 375 ml? So that bottle is 5.3 times bigger? Enough for a sam gyup sal dinner for 3 ajashis? I want one.

Jen said...

LOL It *should* be enough... There are bigger bottles than this that come in jugs, either with a built-in handle or a handle on the lid. I'll take a pic next time I'm at the grocery store. :-)