Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cabinet kitty

There's not a lot going on here at the moment. The semester started last week and so I've read my books for the fortnight. I'm pretty sure I wrote (whined) about this earlier- my suggestion for two classes to use novels instead of textbooks that they took and ran with- for seven classes. One novel a fortnight each. And I get to make materials for about half of those classes. Yippee.

We've got the usual growing pains of switching teachers. The new batch seems like a good one, but parents don't like change, so any difference between old and new results in complaints. They forget that not long ago they were complaining about the teacher that left. It'll work out, but some of the crap they complain about is annoying, like the teacher didn't correct the student's mistakes for them (I'm talking about homework that was checked together.) Do they want us to stop class and make workbook corrections for their little darlings? One would think they would benefit more from making the changes themselves as they are discussed in class, you know, think about what they did wrong and why it's wrong. Call me crazy. I wish that parents that want their children to sit in class and have their heads filled with language-y goodness without actually using a single brain cell would enroll their children elsewhere.

Okay, rant over. Back to the more amusing matter of my cabinet kitty. Like most cats, he has an insatiable need to be in things or under them. Today, he discovered that I finally trashed the old stereo that had been occupying the cabinet for far too long and got in through the opening in the back and then didn't know how to get out when faced with a glass door. He eventually used his feline wiles and pushed on the door causing the magnet to release the catch. No, I didn't help, because his mime impersonation was too funny. Here's a pic or two.

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