Saturday, September 30, 2006

Socks of Doom complete

Well, I finished my Socks of Doom, like a week after my assassin, but because I live across the universe from her, I'm still alive. I could rush out Monday and express mail them, because the rest of the week is a holiday, so if the socks don't arrive here Monday, it will be a whole week until the mailman comes again. I could... but i doubt I will. Here they are:

I spent the day today at the Australian Rules Football Grand Final (Super Bowl) party in Seoul. The Australian Chamber of Commerce puts it on and it's a great day out. Even for those of us who are not sports fanatics. I did not knit, though. I'm not shy about knitting in public, but we always go very early so my husband can claim the best seats. I feel a little guilty about sitting in a prime seat and not watching the game at all (or even pretending). My husband's team won. Yay. He's a wee bit sports-obsessed and his team lost last year. Things were not happy around here for a few days. This is a picture of the festivities, Seoul-style. We know how to party. Check out the balloons. It looked like a child's birthday party being held at a hotel function room. The open bar and all-you-can-eat barbecue were not to be mocked, however. Western food is expensive and some mundane things are nearly (or totally) unavailable at any price (like the delicious lemon merengue pie and the not-a-hotdog sausage).

So, tomorrow's the big day! The new MagKnits. The one with my little socks in them. I'm so excited! I actually haven't worn those socks- they are not colors I would ordinarily wear, but when I saw color of the yarn, it spoke to me. Very Easter-y. Or Easter egg-y. Or Easter marshmallow treat-y. I'll stop now. Go to and see for yourself. Tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow. That's the deadline for submissions for the December Knitty. Still not typed (the pattern, I mean). I'll do it tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Afternoon. I'll get it done. I will. Promise. Sometimes I feel like I'm still in college- I need that pressure of the deadline to make me sit down and work.

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