Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hot off the needles

Here is my first FO from my yarn purchases of the weekend. It's one and a half skeins of the "expensive yarn" in a Multi-directional Clapotis style. I didn't actually use that pattern, I found it after I made the scarf, in case you didn't know what I meant. I knit it the opposite from the pattern I linked to- I cast on the total stitches then increased in the first stitch then knit the last stitch worked with the adjacent waiting stitch, if you know what I mean. I can be a little backwards sometimes. At work I always say I don't like reinventing the wheel, but you would never know that from my knitting. I've got wheels all over the place.

It's a little skinny for my taste, only about 4 inches wide, but I was determined to have the triangles match the color repeats as closely as possible. The picture doesn't do it justice, since it's about 8 feet long, but the colors are really nice- dark emerald green, various purple-pinks, and blues- much more vivid than the photo. I think I may go get another couple of skeins to mix in to a black sweater in random stripes.

The shopping Olympics have begun. I'm leaving for the US on Saturday and must buy all of the things that I can't get here/ don't want to pay shipping for. So far I've bought 8,000 skeins of yarn from Knitpicks (approximately) and some books and DVDs from Amazon. What next???

I've decided that 2007 will be my year to save money, so I'm stocking up now. ;-)

Well, I'll have to at least go on one trek around the yarn shops, because I found out yesterday that one of my co-workers knits. Her husband turned up for work wearing a Coronet hat. I kindly offered to introduce her to Yarn Alley. (I really go above and beyond, don't I?)

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