Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Heart Free Shipping

So I ordered some yarn and Addis from the States and qualified for free shipping. I assumed that meant it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive. Was I wrong! My order arrived 8 days after being shipped. Eight! That's faster than when I express mail letters.

I'm still feeling too lazy to take and post photos (hurry up five-day weekend!), but I really will do it this weekend.

My school has been going through a transition. For the past year or so, it has focused on prepping students to move abroad. The problem with this is they move abroad and then aren't our students anymore.

So, my school has decided to completely revamp itself in a way that will be vastly more profitable, but way less fun to work at. They are going to start offering morning and Saturday classes. Unfortunately, our contracts are clearly written for us to work 2:30-8:30 M-F and they just hired two new teachers (of four). They are understandably not at all keen to have their schedule change. Well, neither am I, but I'm less keen for the director to close the school due to lack of profits.

The new schedule will have Kindy classes from 10-1:30, including a 30 minute snack time to increase the joy. The Saturday classes are for SAT prep. Let the fun begin.

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