Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dancing Girls and Wedding Halls-- Two Korean greats that go great together

Since I have come to Korea, two things have fascinated me- tacky wedding halls that look like castles and perform ceremonies with the warmth and efficiency of a factory and slutty dancing girls that signal the opening of just about any new business.

Now, some enterprising wedding hall has joined these two cultural traditions in an unholy marriage (pardon the pun). I wonder if these are the most over-dressed dancing girls ever out of a sign of respect for the solemnity of the occasion. Notice the bride's reaction. I wonder if she even knew it was part of the ceremony.

You may think a few seconds is long enough, but keep watching until the groom joins in and lip-syncs to his blushing bride and the finale with the girls spraying canned snow. I only wish there was a close up of the officiant's face. You can see one of the fathers-in-law seems unimpressed. Unfortunately, most of the video is shot facing the other father-in-law, who just watches stoically.

Here's another video from that wedding, in case one wasn't enough. In this one, the bride and groom are congratulated in song and booty dance at the end of the ceremony. The singer can't really sing (or booty dance, for that matter), so the guests aren't really even pretending to be enthusiastic. Korean weddings usually last about 15 minutes, so they are probably pretty antsy by this point.

I tried to embed the video like normal people, but we all know that I'm not "normal people" when it comes to technology. Maybe when I can drag and drop...

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Michelle said...

It's like bad "American Idol" or "So You think you can Dance" auditions but during your wedding ceremony. I knew our wedding was missing something and now I know we just needed some amateur dancing and singing to make it complete.