Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Drive-By Post

Well, I haven't gone insane yet, but I can feel myself slowly losing my grasp on sanity. I have been going through some kind of weird insomnia where I lie in bed for hours staring at the ceiling and then wake up tired (since I work evenings, I could sleep pretty late, but can't seem to sleep past 9:00). I haven't had anything on the needles in weeks, since I finished that pair of rib socks which someday I'll post an FO photo of.
I'm knee deep in my CALL class for my MEd. The instructor is, how shall I say, a sadist. We are doing all of the work of a face-to-face class, including discussion. Since this class is asynchronous, this means wading through 50+ emails a day from my classmates, which I am supposed to comment on/ further contribute to the "discussion." This is in addition to weekly assignments. I haven't even started thinking about my major project which, as you may have guessed, will be a major undertaking.
Tomorrow is the KOTESOL Seoul Chapter conference, where I'll be in charge of volunteers and whatever as needed.
Today, the first episode of Seoul Podcast was uploaded. Check it out. Karl was our guest host and we caught up with what he's been doing his first month back in Canada.
So, that's my life at the moment.

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