Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This arrived in my mail box today

Knitting & Crochet Pattern-A-Day Calendars
March, 2008
As always, please share the news!

2010 Submission Deadline

Dear Jennifer, Thank you for your past (and hopefully future) support of the knitting & crochet pattern-a-day calendars. We wanted to make everyone aware that the 2010 submission deadline will be November 1, 2008.

2009 Knitting Pattern-A-Day Calendar Thanks to everyone, our knitting calendar is out to the printer. It is my goal over the next 2 months to email everyone individually and let you know what date your pattern will appear in the 2009 calendar.

2009 Crochet Pattern-A-Day Calendar We are oooh so close. I am waiting for the final batches of patterns to come back from the editor and then it will be a mad dash to layout the remaining pages in InDesign and get these files off to the printer as well. In a continued effort to keep up communications, I will be emailling everyone to let them know what date their patterns will appear. I am hoping to complete this process by the end of June.

When to expect your 2009 CalendarIf you contributed to the 2009 calendar and are wondering when you can expect to receive your free calendar, you can expect it to arrive in the mail by October. As I send out periodic updates, I will include any up-to-date information I have from the printer and the distribution company. If you submitted to both calendars, the Knitting calendars will arrive first and the Crochet calendars will be close behind.

Submission Tips:
Have you ever submitted a pattern and wondered why it wasn't included in the calendar? Most likely there was an error in the pattern or your photo was not high enough resolution.

Avoiding Pattern Errors:
Try to have someone you know reproduce your pattern.Submit early! The sooner you submit your pattern, the more time we have to review your pattern and work with you to resolve problem areas in the pattern.

Image Resolution:
If you are using a digital camera, look for a setting called image size, resolution, or pixels and use the highest setting possible.If you are scanning a photograph, scan at 300 dpi.Images that are optimized for website are typically too small and will print blurry.

Susan Ripley, Ripley Designs, Inc.
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