Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why I wish I were Karl

On my way to school today, I saw an awesome example of mutton dressed as lamb- a Korean specialty if there ever was one. This woman was, shall we say, of a certain age (I'll generously guess mid-fifties) wearing skintight leopard skin pants and platform stilettos at least five inches high. I had my camera, but not the balls to take a photo on a crowded pedestrian mall. Karl would never have let bystanders put him off. I'm pretty sure he would have walked across broken glass to get a photo of her.

For those keeping track, I finish my MEd. tomorrow. I have a manageable-ish amount of work to get done before school tomorrow. It's far from my finest, but it's enough for me to pass. Unless my teacher is stricter with the grading than last semester. I could link to my previous complaint about him, but I shouldn't even be spending this time writing this down. My ace procrastination skills have limits...

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