Friday, June 19, 2009


So, at 4:30, my director tells me my final class has been cancelled. I packed my stuff as quickly as I could, and got out of there. :-)

On my way home, I stopped at the bookstore and got some awesome new stickers ("Don't be a chicken shit." "Please...someday a stalker." etc. etc.) and random fobby stationery to send to various people. Thus continuing my good mood. I then made the mistake of stopping in at the super in my building.

It's owned by a couple who are there 13 days out of 14, each taking half the day. I've lived here for five years. They know me. They know me well enough to have conversations with me, such as Korean conversations with me are.

Today, Super Woman (as I think of her) made a big point of letting me know I have a muffin top. She said it (a couple of times), then grabbed her own to make sure I understood. Thanks. I've been here ten years and still don't know exactly what response people are expecting when they give me some "news" like that. "What?! I have a muffin top?! How could this be?! I better run put on some fat burning sweat cream and head to the sauna! I'll only eat green tea-battered chicken fried in olive oil for the next week. It's well-being!" Grrr... Bite me, Super Woman.


karl said...

Nothing quite like having your final class canceled on a Friday.

KnitTech said...

w00t! Free day.

Guess American's are the only ugly people out there.

Jen said...

I'd already taught six hours, so not exactly free, just ended two hours early. I'll take it. :-)

The irony that she was grabbing her own muffin top to point out mine was lost on her.

Robin Hudson said...

She's just jealous of your giant boobies.

BTW, I got the results of my health check up. HDL cholesterol 66, LDL 100. Take THAT fat haters! :D

Jen said...

Robin-- HAHAHA! That MUST be it...

Good numbers BTW!