Sunday, April 15, 2007

Anne Frank the Musical?

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I last posted. I've been busy basking in the freedom of not having Korean classes. I read two entire books yesterday and neither one was for school. I've also read about six books for school in the last two weeks.

As for the title of the post, that refers to a poster I saw today in Seoul, "Musical Anne Frank", which caused my two companions to burst into song, cheerfully announcing the presence of Nazis at the door and arrival at a camp. But really, what else would a musical about Anne Frank be like? Dirges and sad dancing? How does one dance sadly? Hmmmm... If anyone can shed light on this cultural phenomenon, please, I'm dying to know.

I haven't had anything on the needles in a few weeks, since I was knocked out of Sock Madness until I cast on a pair of Esther socks (scroll way down) in a pinkish-purple color. I knit one pattern repeat and then realized it is way too wide. Since I was able to get my hands on two pairs of 2.25s last time I went to the nice yarn shop, I'll recast on. Probably tomorrow, since I got car sick on the bus today and am still feeling kind of yuck. And yet, here I am posting. Do you feel loved?

The Esther pattern is a 24 row repeat, working every row (ie no knit around rows), but it is very pretty. There is a picot cuff, but my picot cuffs always end up weird-looking, so my pair will probably have a non-picot cuff. I'm thinking a scalloped cuff. Hmmm.... Here is a hat using the pattern, which I may try to recreate. Would matching hat, socks, and mittens be too much? ;-) Who am I kidding, all of my gloves are singletons, doomed to forever wait to be mated.

I've got some photos of the ongoing road construction, but I haven't loaded them onto the computer and don't feel like doing it now. Apparently, the trees were sacrificed so that there can be a new "express" highway running between the two existing highways.

I need some positive thoughts sent my way this week. I'm applying for a university position this week. I haven't finished my master's and it's been a year since I last took a course towards its completion, so I need all the help I can get. ;-) It's a fair sized pay decrease, but 18 hours instead of my current 30 and 8 weeks vacation instead of my current 2 (one of which is unpaid). There's no housing, though, so I will have to face the prospect of finding housing in Seoul, which is like getting housing in New York, only Koreans like a very large deposit. I know three of the instructors there, though, so I think I would like working there.

So there we are, up to date on my life.

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Jan-Knit said...

Hey, Jen!!!! Thanks for linking my hat. I still have not heard back from Stephie, so didn't get her permission to post my variation on her pattern. Since you already have Esther, go for it!! You'll be able to figure it out, I'm sure. :o}