Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hello, World, It's Good to be Back (or I'm Too Old For This S*&%)

I can' t believe I haven't posted in over two weeks. I finished Korean classes, though, and the KOTESOL conference was Saturday, so I am back in the world of people who have something called free time.

I was elected 1st Vice-President of Seoul Chapter at the conference, so that was nice. I was running unopposed, though, so not really an unexpected event. :-)

I got my Korean progress report and it was all as expected. I know a lot of vocabulary, but have difficulty speaking in long, detailed exchanges. Also, it takes me "a while" to incorporate new grammar into my speaking and writing, although I can understand them when I see/ hear them. Yeah, I could have written that myself. But, the last two months have been worthwhile in that I have regained ground that I had lost by not ever speaking Korean.

At this point, all of you who don't live here are probably wondering how that can be the case since I LIVE IN KOREA, but in fact it is quite simple. Everyone in Korea wants to learn English. All day long, I speak English at school. At night I read or watch TV in English. Wherever I go there are people who want to practice their conversation skills.

So, as soon as I catch my breath, I'll start posting again, with pictures. I have done any knitting since I was knocked out of Sock Madness, but I'll be casting on something in the next few days, I'm sure.

Speaking of, thank you to everyone for their kind words about the Mad Cow pattern, despite the omission of gauge (note to self: do not write patterns while on vacation at Disney World.) If you would like to make a pair yourself, I've linked the pattern.

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