Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hi, My Name is Jennifer and I'm a Tech-tard

So, after a week of trying to remember all the great bookmarks I had lost and how to find those sites again, I noticed this little star on the left side of my tool bar that looked a lot like the bookmark star. What do you know, it has all of my old bookmarks safely stored and easily available.

So, yay, I still have my old bookmarks. I'm not sure why the *new* ones (ie the replacements for the old ones) are not being integrated, but whatever. I've got my old bookmarks!


Work is going well. The new teachers are adjusting to the job well, but they seem to be having some difficulties adjusting to life here. I really don't know what to do to help them adjust more easily. I've moved to new cities and/ or countries numerous times and I've never felt lonely or alone. Then again, I often prefer to be alone.

I've taught my knew morning class (3 hours with Kindy students) once and they are great. Their English is quite good and they are enthusiastic. I'm glad I don't have them everyday, because that would be a tiring schedule, but I wouldn't mind having them instead of my last 3 hours each day.

It's been ages since I've posted a photo. I've got about a dozen or so to post, but I'm just going to post one. It's from a "pizza" restaurant, well what Koreans think pizza is, anyway.

So, you can see it has all of the usual pizza ingredients-- shrimp, potato, mayo, sweet potato mousse, and a cookie crust. The inset photo at the top right of the pizza shows the blueberry dipping sauce for the cookie crust. The writing under the title announces that it is "European Style". I've been to Europe, I don't remember pizza being anything like this. If the cuisine has changed this much since my last visit, my next visit may feature many meals of pb&j.


Shelley said...

Yeah, I get a real kick out of Korean There is one place close to where we live that has pizza that is very similar to back in Canada/US and tastes sooooo good. Once when we were there we had tried what we thought was supposed to be sweet potato pizza (because one of the girls that was with us had tried it before and said it was actually very good)...turns out it wasn't sweet potato but regular potato with some sort of seasoning on the outside. It was pretty good though, but I don't think it will be something we regularly order.

JRS said...

I love the food in Korea, but one of the big "misses" while I lived there involved a "mushroom pizza" at a place called Pizza Wong in Chon-ju. (Should have stuck with their famous bibimbap...) Not a mushroom to be found on it, but in addition to pepperoni, sausage, onions, and other stuff I don't eat on my pizza, there were tons of maraschino cherries. Ugh.

Diane said...

Nothing says pizza like a good glob of mayo. YUCK!!!