Saturday, October 13, 2007

"She looks much thinner now." This moment brought to you by Korea

Friday a week ago, my director became a grandmother when her oldest daughter gave birth. Said birth was by Cesarean, so when I saw the director, I asked how her daughter was doing. Korean is a rather pedantic language so I couldn't simply ask about her health, because she hasn't been sick. The proper question basically translates to, "How is her body?"

The response? She looked up from the paperwork she had been attending to and very seriously said, "Oh, she looks much thinner now."

Well, thank goodness! It would be a tragedy if after having an 8 pound child cut out of her, she didn't look better.

A follow up question got me the sought after information-- mother and child are healthy. She never seemed to realize that my initial concern was other than her daughter's baby weight.

So now my dilemma is too knit or not to knit. I taught said daughter how to knit several years ago, when she was trying to impress her future husband by knitting him a scarf. So, she knows I knit. However, she's... exacting (spoiled) and I'm not sure *homemade* would suit her designer tastes. (The scarf never got past gauge swatch size-- it was too much work.)

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