Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Knit God Giveth and Taketh Away

On the giveth side of knitting, this weekend I have used two of the skeins of yarn I bought last weekend. One became a
Zokni sock- look I finally figured it out! (Okay, I finally read the very easy tutorial.) The lace pattern is kind of lost in the color, so its future mate may be in a pattern similar to the Elfine sock (everyone knows it, so I'm not going to bother finding the link), but the same stitch count as this one. The other skein became a hat (no pattern). I knit it in about four hours, so I can see how hats could be addicting, but I rarely wear them.

See how much yarn was left from the hat? That's what I cut out because it wasn't spun properly. The entire rest was used. I would have liked one or two rounds more, but only the very tips of my earlobes hang out of it.

On the taketh side, my sweater which has been languishing in my project cabinet for months (a year?) is heading to the frog pond. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I haven't finished it because I don't like the design. I made the front and back the same, which I knew I wouldn't like but did anyway. I further sealed its fate by knitting the sides in seed stitch. Why? I like pilling, I guess. The yarn is too bulky by far for seed stitch where my arms will rub against it. So, I'm frogging and starting over as it should have been in the beginning. See what I mean? What was I thinking?
Back on the giveth side, I had my idea submission accepted for Sock Madness. But, on the taketh side, I have been rejected (again) by Knitty. I submitted a pattern for a bag for the December issue (not right at the last minute or anything).

My secret pal got her latest package from me (the one with the socks and silk bag). She posted a pic of herself wearing the socks, so that made me feel good. I was pretty worried about the fit, since her feet are a couple of sizes bigger than mine and guesstimating is not really my strong suit. On the other hand, my pal seems to have forgotten about me. I haven't heard from her in about a month. She had her first baby this month, so I'm just trying to tell myself that she's just overwhelmed by motherhood. If you have kids, I don't mean that in a bad way. Everyone I know went through a period of time vacuum when they had their first child.


Wendy said...

The socks look great and I love the color! Also, congrats on your submission for sock madness! I don't always get it with knitty's choices. Sometimes rejected items knitters post on their blogs are definitely better than the ones chosen. Don't give up!!!

Jen said...

Thanks- I tried to email you privately, but I don't get addies with comments. I'm not giving up!