Sunday, November 19, 2006

Yarnpr0n- Seoul Style

I was in "the big city" (Seoul) yesterday, so I went to Yarn Row. Okay, it's Yarn and LP Row, because almost every shop either sells yarn or old LPs. For the amount of space dedicated to fiber, there is a relative dearth of goods to be had. I struck gold, though. 2.0mm circs! The only two pair in Korea, as far as I can tell. I nearly did a happy dance. Since I had just fallen down most spectacularly (one of those pinwheel arm moves) spilling yarn across the corridor, I decided that I had displayed enough foreigner crazy for one day.

I also got six 50g skeins of sock-weight yarn. You may notice that they look exactly the same (except for the colors), but in fact they are all different brands. I got 4 skeins of Wendy in black to go with some Noro (after I make sure they really are the same weight) and some cool looking yarn that is long repeats of black with patches of variegated earth tones. It's DK weight and will either be a hat or bag (or both if the first project has left-overs and I like how it turns out).

I also got the new Knit Today. I still haven't decided on this magazine. I think I'm just buying because I'm so excited to find a knitting mag. So far I haven't found anything I'd like to make or even something that I'd like to make something similar to, if you know what I mean.

So, here's the yarnpr0n Seoul style:

Now I just need to sort out some projects to go with it. OR I could finish one of the many UFOs languishing in my yarn cabinet. Basically, anything that is not a sock has no chance of getting finished in a reasonable amount of time these days (ie since I made my first pair of socks).

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