Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's Out!!

The new MagKnits, that is. The one that I'm in, as opposed to the one that I *thought* I would be in (because I tend to be somewhat memory impaired and mistook October for November). Check me out:

Here are a couple of photos:
The color is pretty retina-damaging for me, but if you recall, the blue/ yellow was my second attempt at dyeing and did not turn out AT ALL as expected. When I saw it, I knew what I had to do with it- add pink. :-)

OTN today, after a small rest in the frog pond, are my swap pal socks. Her feet are somewhat bigger than mine (my first socks knit for a different size) so I hope they fit. She got her yarn and loves it, so one worry off my mind. You know, I really didn't realize how much thought I would have to put into this swap. I don't know WHY I didn't realize it when I buy my own family members gift certificates because I don't want to get them something they don't like. She quilts, so I got her a silk bag with traditional Korean-style patchwork. Those should be in the mail tomorrow or Monday. Anyway, here they are:


laughingrat said...

I saw a discussion about your MagKnits pattern on Socknitters and found my way over here. :) Congratulations on your getting published, the pattern is really cool!

The sock pal socks are elegant and that bag is great. I had no idea ther *was* a traditional Korean patchwork, much less what it looked like. Quilting (modern and traditional) interests me so it I liked seeing that.

Jen said...

Thank you! Everyone on Socknitters has been so supportive. I don't really have any *real life* knitting buddies, so I had to share my excitement somewhere. :-)

Koreans use(d) patchwork silk handkerchief-style squares for wrapping and carrying just about anything relatively light weight. I took a class, but it was sooooo time consuming making all those tiny little stitches perfectly even and straight. So, I have *one* handmade scarf. It looks like a child made it. LOL

aka Jan-Knit said...

Congrats on your publication of Peeps!! They look great!! I'm also glad some of my own socks are now being worn by an internationally published knitter!!! Good job!