Monday, November 13, 2006

One Fish, Two Fish

I have finished the much-anticipated (by me) Dr. Fish socks. I still don't know why this yarn excites me as much as it does. I don't usually (ever) like pastels. I'm pretty sure my Peeps will never again touch my feet, and they're semi-famous. I really like these socks. I've only knit one or two pairs of stockinette socks before and they are really fast! I was sick all weekend and I knit the whole pair in less than 12 hours. Check it out and how much yarn is left over. I'm pretty sure I've got another pair in there.

I also have found out that Yahoo music is the new MTV. Those of you who are my age may recall a time when MTV played videos (and music I would voluntarily listen to). I spent about 10 hours on my couch yesterday watching videos. Well, mostly listening, because I can't figure how to maintain the full screen setting on the videos, it seems to just work for a song or two. I reset it twice, then realized I wasn't really that fussed-- the computer and TV it's connected to are a good five or even six steps away from the couch. So, I've learned about 20 new songs, because that's about how many different songs were played in that length of time. That's the MTV-ness. I heard each song four or five times. On the other hand, there aren't that many ads.

I may have found a new way to waste time. Korean radio is K-pop, which I'll just say several songwriters have been successfully sued for too closely "following the pattern" of Britney Spears songs. 'Nuff said. The only other choice is Trot music (rhymes with "throat") which is even more painful to listen to, especially since it is frequently sung by call-in listener/ participants. It's like karaoke for the radio. You don't know what you're missing.

Actually, for being in my sick bed, ahem, sick couch, I was fairly productive this weekend. I also typed up the pattern for a pair of socks to be seen in January's MagKnits. I also dyed that yarn, but it's a color I would actually wear. I've been putting that off for a month now.
Okay, maybe not that productive.

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