Wednesday, January 03, 2007

At least my cat will be watching less TV...

He can keep that resolution for the both of us. I actually made it to the grocery store yesterday AND cooked. Very unusual mid-week activities, especially back-to-back. I mitigated it by buying chocolate (which I ate for dinner) with the groceries and parking in front of the TV as soon as the cooking and washing up had been dispensed with.
Then today a co-worker brought Krispy Kreme, so I had to have 1.5, to be nice, you know. I did come home and cook vegetables for dinner (which I ate sans chocolate). Two nights of cooking in a row. Sometimes I impress myself. :-)
However, my cat will be watching less kitty TV, since the bird-filled trees have disappeared since Christmas. The city's resolution seems to be "get rid of every last little bit of that green stuff." They are enthusiastically working towards that end. Last week, that entire strip of dirt was so completely covered in trees that the highways were not visible at all.
My cat would sit at the window for hours at a time, keeping tabs on all bird-related activity, letting us know if anything exciting happened. He's a talker. Actually, I think he's a drunk homeless guy trapped in a cat's body. You know the guy I'm talking about, he walks around muttering to himself, occasionally punctuating his conversation with shouts at random passers-by. That's my cat.

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