Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Sunday

This was my view today (Sunday):

No time for rest as long as there is one square meter of undeveloped land, I suppose. In the next few days, I should know what the city thinks is better than trees.

After all my going back and forth on the yarn I dyed for the sock bag swap, I looked at my pal's information one more time and realized it was my sender pal that likes green. My pal likes purple, so I have fresh out of the dye pot some lovely variegated purple yarn. Other than extensive, enthusiastic help from my cat skeining it for dyeing, it went well- the dye took and the colors came out very nice.
Fortunately, I went *a little* crazy while shopping for a bag and bought the same one in blue, which she also likes. So, I'll switch that out and should have the whole thing packed and shipped Tuesday. I finished the pattern and socks for the pattern photo, so drying and re-skeining the yarn (it's in a 3m-ish loop now) is all that remains to be done.

The pattern is pretty simple, because she likes ribbed legs. Here's my pair:

Now I'm off to finish Where the Red Fern Grows for class tomorrow. One week of "intensive" classes (aka winter vacation) then I'm off for a *whole week*! I'm telling you the pay isn't the only great thing about teaching. ;-) What will I do with all that free time? Hmmm... I'm sure I could get to work on some UFOs (but I'll probably start new projects instead).

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