Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Friday!

I love Fridays-- I have the whole weekend stretching out before me. So much opportunity. What will I do with all that free time? Well, okay, about three out of four weekends, the answer to that question is: watch too much TV while knitting and *maybe* a trip to the grocery store (a block away).

This weekend I have my monthly KOTESOL meeting. We are doing an ideas exchange this month, so I have homework. I think I'm going to present some resource materials for beginner elementary students. I'm the chapter secretary, so I will have minutes to prepare after the meeting.

Then I will finish the pair of socks I am knitting to test knit the pattern I wrote for my Sock in a Bag Swap at the Townsend yahoo group. It's a pretty simple pattern, because she likes ribs; it's kind of a rib mixed with seed stitch. One down one to go. I knit it with Hohenloher wolle Limbo in color 793. It's a variegated marl which is creating a much more lovely striping effect (IMHO) than self-striping sock yarns. I'm definitely going to buy more of this. I found a destash 2007 group which clearly stated that sock yarn does not count as a yarn purchase. Also, my little feets get cold and I can tell from just trying on the sock as I knit that they will be toasty warm.

For the swap, I've got the very dark green yarn I dyed as well as a skein of self-striping Fortissima yarn, a knitting mystery, a Korean knitting pattern book (it's all done with diagrams), an embroidered bookmark, a notebook made of traditional Korean paper with pressed flowers on the cover, a pencil with a knit decoration, some chocolate, a silk bag, six beaded stitch markers, a kitschy pig phone decoration (it's the year of the pig), and a project bag to carry it in. Now I just need to type the pattern and mail it.

I plan to get everything in the mail Monday, because it is supposed to arrive in the US before Valentine's Day. This may be the first swap package I receive, so I'm pretty excited about what I might get. My pal is in the UK. I say it *might* be the first one I receive, because the postman is not my friend these days. My SP9 pal mailed my package before Christmas, but my mailbox remains lonely. She's Estonian, so I'm really excited about that package. People (English-speaking people, I mean) write whole books about their knitting. Not to mention it just seems exotic.

The girls at Sock Madness have posted a photo of their test knit of my pattern. Scroll down, it's the one at the bottom. I tried to save their photo and post it here, but it was being ornery. Here is a photo of the original pair. It's the easy level, hence a simple striping pattern mixing a solid and matching variegated yarn. These are my favorite socks to wear, because they are very squishy and warm.

(Insert appropriate segue way here.) At work today, I found out that I am teaching in the presence of celebrity. Well, if celebrity means having a song posted on Neil Young's antiwar website. Since you'll probably never find his listing, assuming you want to hear a anti-war folksong, here is his MySpace page. This reminds me that I have a brother who is possibly more famous, Lil Witness. You can see his video here. You can buy his CDs, too and get me one step closer to being the person who changes the battery in his GameBoy a la Ludacris.

Do I need to say that I am in love with the link button that I have finally found? I could link to the original post where I discovered the button, but I won't (that might be overkill .) ;-)
Have great weekend!


laurie in maine said...

Clicked over from your MagKnit socks to check out the blog.

I've been checking in at Sock Madness to remind myself everyday about getting in to the sign-up line early enough...Congrats if yours will be one of the chosen patterns!

Our "6 degrees from Seperation" (Or is it fame?) also includes Ludacris :) their new sax player (on Letterman)was my daughter's old roommate/hometown boy. He doesn't get a lot of face time sharing a stage with the ladies shaking their er moneymakers!

Jen said...

You are a lot closer to Ludacris than me! I just aspire to be a member of my brother's entourage working as little as Ludacris' battery changer. ;-)