Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are, 2007 already. Is it a sign of age to ask, where does the time go?

I've been back from the happiest place on Earth for a week now and I'm basically recovered from the plague, or whatever has ailed me since I got off the plane in Florida.

Last week, to celebrate my return, I worked 11 hours days. Starting tomorrow is "intensive" the semiannual month-long period when Koreans enjoy their school holidays by studying all day. So, I'll have the same students everyday, instead of twice a week. Hopefully, I won't have any students I hate. Not that teachers have students they hate, of course.

Due to my yarn diet, or more specifically, shopping moratorium, I made one last yarn run and got about 10 skeins of yarn, which I am currently feeling too lazy to photograph. I did finally buy a new plastic bin to store my new acquisitions (including the metric ton's worth I got in the US). I also got the new Knitter's Magazine.

One of my resolutions is to systematically work through my stash by matching yarn to projects and randomly picking one small project a month and one big project every other month. I just have to keep myself from doing small project after small project as I did throughout 2006.

I have made about a thousand resolutions this year, pretty much covering the usual suspects- exercise more, eat less crap, save money, etc etc. Of course, in lieu of exercising today, I have been parked in front of the TV for about 8 hours watching a CSI marathon. I did finally finish unpacking from my trip.

Did I mention before that my bag was damaged and the progress reports I spent an afternoon writing did not make it? I wasn't too upset by that loss, until I remembered that all the patterns I had ordered from Knitpicks were safely ensconced in that binder so they wouldn't get bent in my suitcase. At least it wasn't the yarn, or knitting books, or the Crystal Light that I've been downing like crack (since another resolution is to give up Diet Coke).

Since this is an otherwise photo-free post, I'll direct you to my latest pattern, in the new MagKnits at I had some difficulty expressing myself when writing this pattern. I ended up submitting it three times, before I felt it was clear (and there were some email problems over there, so wasn't getting replies). The published version is extensively edited, so apparently, I wasn't the only person who thought it was unclear.


Jan-Knit said...

Jen...they're gorgeous! Congrats...again!!
And Happy New Year to you.

Anonymous said...

So nice, but I am enjoying your blogs even more than the photos.

A mother in LA

Heatherly said...

congratulations on the pattern!