Wednesday, July 19, 2006

And the hits just keep on coming. An addendum to "Why lament?"

After staying up way too late doing my homework (the "book" not the progress reports or mountain of essays, all of which are due Friday), I woke up not so refreshed this morning, checked my email and... got a reminder, a gentle nudge if you will, that I have a stack of conference proposals that I am supposed to vet due tomorrow. I may jump out a window. My current to-do list is now:
1. train two new teachers and give them their books and schedules before class today
2. read and comment on, I think, thirty conference proposals for tomorrow
3. complete a "book" of a brief history of the 50 states for tomorrow (so the office staff can get it printed and bound for Monday)
4. complete about 50 full-page handwritten progress reports by Friday
5. mark about 25 essays (1-2 pages each) for Friday (marking includes correcting all grammatical errors, making style and content suggestions, and of course praise for what they got right)
6. read about 10 chapter books (average 200 pages each) for Monday
7. Make a series of writing prompts for each class (about 10 levels from first grade, phonics-level English to middle school native-level ability) to use to create a writing portfolio during the summer camp

Perhaps sitting here making lists is not the wisest use of my time.

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