Monday, July 17, 2006

First time out the gate... We have a winner!

I knit up a little something yesterday with my very first skein of hand dyed yarn and here's a little peek:

A little out of focus, but check out those stripes! There is about a two to three stitch overlap of color from one row to the next but I'm giving myself an A. Now I understand why people sell those weird color combinations on ebay-- it's really cool to watch the contrast develop from one row to the next.

The second batch I did, the crap baby blue wool/ acrylic blend did not turn out so happily. The baby blue is now baby lavender. The red completely bled out and the part that was in the dye is no darker than the part that the dye siphoned up into. There was a huge contrast before I washed out the excess dye, but it's almost all gone now. I've still got two more skeins of that crap which I was planning to dye purple the same way I dye the first two red. I may still do it, just to practice the process on yarn that would be gathering dust in the stash forever more otherwise.

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