Friday, July 21, 2006


Woohoo! Today is the last day of the semester! Of course, summer school starts Monday, so it doesn't feel like a real ending. On the upside, today will be pretty slack, just finishing up books and returning work to the students.

It's been an unusually work-intensive few days for me, but I've done everything on my previous list except the chapter books. The final tally is a dozen.

In other news (I use the term loosely), I dyed some more yarn last night. I'm starting to think/ realize/ accept that I was first time lucky. First, I had to prep the yarn twice because I dyed two balls together and there was a huge difference between the two, I must have pulled one ball taut to wrap it. Second, the dye came out MUCH lighter than I expected. I used the same kingfisher that I used with the brown, but I used a gold for the contrast color. I used the same brand, but I used white yarn instead of overdying beige. I'll take pics when it's completely dry, but even soaking wet it was several shades lighter.

Obviously this needs more experimentation. No problem, Mama will be here one week from today(!) with 12 balls of white Knitpicks. It feels like Christmas in July! (Knitpicks is so cheap it doesn't matter that I bought the "Christmas present".) The workshop we're attending next weekend better be killer or I'll be daydreaming in class.

In not so good news, I finally got around to reading the new articles in Knitty and there was one about publishing designs. So, I looked around at the linked sites and... the pattern that I *thought* was so unique (for wristwarmers) has a similar design for sale on one of the sites. Similar in the aspect that I thought was brilliantly original. Perhaps my brilliance is only in my mind.

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