Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wherefore art thou, Brenda Dayne?

Okay, I know where she is, taking a well-deserved break, but I'm ready for series 3. I am suffering from CastOn withdrawal in a bad way. I am so in love with podcasts. I would like to have my own. That is, I would like to deliver intelligent, witty content with a rich, lovely voice. However that goal is not likely to be realized anywhere except in my own little mind. So, I have to settle for listening to Brenda's intelligent, witty content delivered with a rich, lovely voice. Such is life.

I am consoling myself with a frenzy of online shopping. My mom is coming to visit in a few weeks, so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to get yarn without paying more in shipping than for the yarn (if the company will even deliver here.) So far, I've ordered some Helen's Laces, Noro Silk Garden, and Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. Today, I'm going to order some Knitpicks wool to try Kool Aid dying. Which means my mom will have to bring the Kool Aid, too.

I'm plotting out projects in class. Fortunately, I've used the same textbooks for so long, that I know when the students are likely to have trouble, so I only need to pay moderate attention. Multi-tasking, in other words, is not a problem. My school caps classes at seven to eight students, but this close to school holidays (they start next week), many students have already started their break from our school (we provide extra lessons after their regular school), so most of my classes are half full for this month. It doesn't take much mental effort to keep three or four students under control.

I've got about a year or so's worth of projects in mind. That is, if I give up reading and weekend activities that don't involve knitting. Fortunately, my husband is not embarrassed for me to go to a pub with him and knit. The staff generally find it amusing, especially at Three Alley's where pairs get stuck in small tables in the center of the room.

Take your knitting in public day (or whatever it was actually called) was not really an unusual day for me. I'll knit just about anywhere I have to sit with nothing else to do. I learned to knit when I was an exchange student in Germany. All the girls in my class would knit instead of take notes. I had already graduated in the States, so I was quite amenable to that idea.

Okay, that yarn is not going to buy itself. More shopping, then I suppose I can prepare for class. You know, it really is a shame how work cuts into my knitting time. Next time, I'll post a sock pattern I came up with.

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