Saturday, July 22, 2006

I've got mail!

Look what the postman brought me:
Just kidding. A mere one week shy of three months after I ordered a kilo of sock yarn from Germany, it arrived in a most battered and beaten box. Which did not diminish it one bit in the eyes of Knievel. I don't know why Deutsche Post sucks so bad. Whenever I order from Amazon it arrives by way of DP usually decades after I ordered. This order at least I only paid about 9 euros for postage, so I knew it would take forever. Amazon postage on the other hand is about $5-6 per item.

I didn't take photos of the yarn because they are just regular self-striping that most places in the world seem to have in abundance but cannot be had at any price in sunny S. Korea.

In lieu, here is a photo of the yarn I dyed the other day. I don't know why it came out so dark (the photo, as I said before, the yarn is about one hundred shades lighter than intended). I just look at this and think Easter eggs.

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dokebi said...

the cat is funny. i suppose if u closed and sealed it off the box would start rolling