Friday, July 14, 2006

My Mama's Coming!!!

In exactly two weeks, I will be having dinner with my mother, fondling the wooly goodness she is bringing me. My shipment of Helen's Laces, etc. is in her possession. Unfortunately, knitpicks was a bust (maybe). I want some needles in sizes I can't get here (smaller than 2.5mm) in addition to the yarn, but they are backordered, or something. I may still get the yarn. I'm thinking about it. On the other hand, as it nears the 20th (my bank's payday, as it were), I realized that I have spent about US$500 this month on things one (such as my husband) may consider frivolous. Perhaps I should show some restraint for the rest of the month.

I was planning on posting a sock pattern, but so far I haven't quite figured out how to post the chart. I think it may have to be a jpeg, in which case, it will probably just end up being miles of written instructions. I'll give you a sneak preview. Here's a pic of one of the pairs I'v made with this pattern. It's so easy, I've made several pairs using it, but the others are looking a little peaked. Just so you know, I don't have giant feet or microscopic wood planks on my floor. I was sitting on the couch with my feet hovering off the edge. I'll try to get the pattern up this weekend, but I've got about a hundred progress reports to write (by hand+ full page= more fun than should be legal), so we shall see how productive I feel.

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