Sunday, July 30, 2006

No Mama

My mother couldn't get a flight. She can fly for nearly free, but it's standby and she didn't get a seat. So, I went to the conference alone. It was great- ten hours with Richard Day discussing extensive reading in the ESL classroom. It was totally worth it, even though I paid my mother's non-refundable (about US$200). It's only money, right? Haha.

I think I'm caught up with all of my books and tests for school, after a week of barely treading water. Only four weeks of "intensive" left. Only 51 weeks of our new teacher left. Does that sound overly negative? I'm feeling a bit pessimistic when, in her first week, she has already complained numerous times about the workload (she teaches vocabulary, which far less work-intensive than reading) and once about the pay. I'll just hope for the best.

To console myself over my mother's non-visit, i went shopping and got Stitchionary 1 and Knitting on the Edge. I now have about 30 projects in the queue. I may need to quit my job to have more knitting time. If only I didn't need an apartment, or food, or clothes...

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