Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Why lament?

As it turns out, I was more foolish than I realized to have so frivolously frittered away the long weekend. When I got to school today, I got a note asking if I could "just put together" a book of brief history facts about the 50 states. Oh and it must be printed and bound to distribute to students MONDAY. No prob, I'm a loser with no life, right? Can you guess how brief this brief history is going to be?

While I toil away on something the students will throw away in a few weeks, I will console myself with this :
I have no idea why that worked once on two identical batches, unless there was something wrong with the red dye. That sounds good. I'll blame the dye. It couldn't have been user failure, right? So, I've got about 100g of rescued yarn and another 100g of partially resuscitated yarn.

Back to the salt mines.

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